Analogue sonification

The Echoing River is a DRS2022 Bilbao Lab project that expresses the relationship between Zorrotzaurre and the river that surrounds it. Working at Espacio Open, 14 students from London and Bilbao have collaborated to materialise this relationship. They present a series of spatial and acoustic experiences that position sonic placemaking as a way to enable shared imagining. Post industrial urban environments offer irresistible opportunities for gentrification. Our aim is to build a shared culture of radical openness in an area of the city currently threatened by property speculation. The process of generating experimental ideas, sharing material explorations, and collaborating across disciplines offers an alternative to orthodox consultation.

With this lab we seek to value what is already here and to show that the fragile and precarious working and living conditions on Zorrotzaurre represent a social and material ecosystem that should be nourished and supported.

The Lab is hosting an open evening June 28th 19.30 – 22.30 at Espacio Open. All are welcome!

Espacio Open, Ribera de Deusto 70, 48014 Bilbao, Spain

Participating Students

Basque Biodesign Center

Eduardo Loreto

Elsa Gil

Olatz Pereda

London College of Communication

Dora Alvarez Dominguez

Vicki Sun

Sofia Alexiou

Farah Zia

Siyuan Li

Dany Garcia Solano

Mondragon University

Nabil Kaoutli Sainz

Ekain Mendiola Ardanza

Miren Pascual Beltran de Heredia

Maialen Borrero Ahedo

Markel Crespo Ramos

Lab Lead

Dr John Fass, London College of Communication

Lab Facilitators

Alaistair Steele, London College of Communication

Dr Tyler Fox, University of Washington

Ronnie Deelen, Royal College of Art, London College of Communication

Materialising initial ideas
Artiach Factory wood workshop
Uncovering the material past at the Artiach Factory, an abandoned dance studio
Generative co-design
Material exploration
Waving is communicating
Immersive prototyping
Students from London College of Communication, Mondragon University, Basque Biodesign Center
Hydrophone fishing

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