It can be difficult to remember where you’ve been online and what you did. The browser history list shows you a long chronological list of visited sites but doesn’t help much with making sense of it all. Telling ourselves stories can be a powerful way of giving structure to experience. My hypothesis is that a narratively organised account of browsing behaviour can help with recall, meaning making, and reflection. This video is a short explanation of my work in this area.

The video is part of my submission to AltCHI2014. I find it encouraging that video figures are required for this strand of a major international conference, it points to the serious consideration of moving image as a reporting mechanism for research beyond papers, articles, and books. I have tried here to challenge the notion that video is only for reporting results and have attempted to demonstrate that video itself can be research both as an exploration of medium and as practical research content. The practice based research agenda has not gained much traction in HCI conference circles but perhaps more attention is now due to the doing of practical work as a form of research.

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