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This is a paper I co-wrote and published at CHI2013 in Paris. It explores the notion of display as a decentred and distributed interface experience combining the properties of tangible and material interactions with machine intelligence and quantum computing. I take the design of environments, objects and systems concerned with the representation of digital data to be filtered through an understanding of virtual space and an orientation towards the heuristic of spatial mapping i.e. how we map our conception of non-material spaces to the ways we navigate and occupy physical spaces. Digital habitats and information ecosystems have material properties separate from their metaphorical representation as interfaces. Resolution, mapping and coherence are guiding principles to the orientation and augmentation of everyday objects towards interactional mediation and new meanings. This paper suggests a connection between physical and virtual artefacts, machine intelligence, and data manifestation along with an associated view of materiality, and some key principles for design and for the process of decomputing problems, systems and meanings.

Download full paper here. Robotic displays and decoherence

Photo: http://www.chrisharrison.net/

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